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Custom sizes available

We don't just make new beach hut for use at the coast, you could just as easily have timber beach huts situated within your garden. Of course we call these 'Garden Beach Huts' and are an inexpensive way of enjoying the most out of your garden surroundings. Please give our experts a call on the telephone number below, or using the contact page. We will ensure that you get great quality timber beach huts at a great price, whether they are for enjoying the sea views and healthy sea air, or relaxing next to your favourite flower beds. Whatever your timber building needs, we are here to help.

  • Quality Shiplap Wooden Beach Huts
  • Large Huts & Small huts
  • Pressure Treated Timber
  • Marine Grade Plywood (If Used)
  • Sturdy Construction
  • BZP Tee Hinges
  • Interiors Designed By Arrangement
  • Weather Shielded Undercoats
  • Fantastic Value For Money
  • Custom Made For Every Location

For enquires please call us for a no obligation quote TEL: 01823 618468